How To Start

New to CrossFit?

Start your journey in a few simple steps. No gimmicks, no fads, and no quick-fixes. Let’s get to work with a positive group of people and coaches to give you long term, lasting changes.

Our private training, one-on-one Foundations sessions give you all the necessary tools to find success and exceed your goals. Our professional coaches will work with you where you’re at. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time every working out or you’re a workout junkie, our goal is to help you succeed. One-on-one training allows us to give you what you need. You’ll learn to move safely and correctly. From weight training, cardio movements, calisthenics and more. We want you to have confidence in yourself and have fun in our group classes after you complete your Foundations.

The best time to start is now. Are you ready? Make the decision to help yourself.

Do you have previous crossfit experience?

Schedule a consultation to get your membership set up and receive a trial class!

Process for starting:
Step 1

No cost consult. Meet with a coach to discuss goals and find a plan to meet them.

Step 2

Begin your new journey with your one-on-one training sessions.

Step 3

Attend your first coach led group class. Make friends and have fun. Welcome to the Wolverine Community.

Step 4

Be consistent. Show up and we will help you with the rest! A healthier, happier, stronger you.



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