About Us

Ann Arbor's premier CrossFit and Weightlifting facility since 2013

Offering 60 classes per week, open 7 days a week

What is CrossFit, if you had to define it?

To some, CrossFit is a sport. To most, CrossFit is a way of life. To everyone else, it’s just a different form of fitness. For us, it’s the best community ever with a solid splash of intense, effective fitness.

What got you into Crossfit and why do you coach?

We sincerely want you to succeed in every aspect of your life. We currently focus on a strong community, great class programming, and friendly trainers. CrossFit will help everyone who can commit the time to it.

Who can CrossFit?

Anyone can start CrossFit at anytime. We have a great indoor, heated, and air conditioned facility. The summer’s heat has not stopped anyone from getting in shape, and the winter cold does not prevent us from turning up the heat. Everyone is always welcome here. We have over 40 parking spots!

What kind of goals should I have?

Many people start with weight loss goals or injury rehab goals. We will help you with these goals, but our coaches recommend measurable physical activities that will lead you there, such as getting your first double-under, strict pullup, Olympic lifts, or muscle-up. The first consult with our coaches can help you figure these out.

Don't I have to be in-shape to do Crossfit?

In short, NO! We can scale all of our workouts to meet anyone’s fitness level. We will get you in-shape, if you come to 4 classes a week. We have introductory sessions and private sessions for those of you uncertain of your fitness level.

How do I start CrossFit?

The same way you start any great adventure; just show up and keep coming with a “can-do” attitude. We have a 15 minute consult with our members, where we start to gauge their past fitness levels and injuries and map out plans to achieve future goals.

How would CrossFit help me?

Any goal is achieved faster with positive support. We will help you get there the fastest way possible. We help people get their first pull-ups, a heavy squat, or any other goal you may have. Our staff and members are all great, professional people that will welcome you and help you succeed and become better at fitness.

What is there besides CrossFit?

We have great coaching and tons of open hours. If we are open, you are welcome to workout. We are developing many great programs to help you. We also offer Olympic weightlifting classes, cardio HIIT programs, open gym and personal training options. If you are looking for something more, just ask.

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