At Wolverine Strength and Conditioning our experienced and qualified coaches will lead any person to their goals, one workout at a time. Any skill level, any age, any anything. Show up, have fun, get better, go home. We have three workout programs in each class. New to CrossFit? Haven’t worked out in a while? We encourage you to start with the FOUNDATIONS

Fitness specific to you: your goals and your ability

Our Program

Our custom program delivers RESULTS. Our specialty is not specializing. Our coaches, workouts, and community are unique. Workouts are tailored specifically for YOU based on your current abilities and goals! You’ll look GREAT, feel AMAZING, and be SUCCESSFUL within the Wolverine community.

Wolverine Strength and Conditioning redefines “Group Fitness.” The community that spontaneously arises when our members workout together is a key component of why CrossFit is so effective. We are more than just an exercise program. Our members and coaches are engaging, encouraging, make you want to come back the next day.


Lose body fat, maintain or gain lean muscle mass, and improve your quality of life. You'll be challenged by new movements and workouts. Our most popular program. You'll never get bored; results guaranteed.


Move better, feel better, look better. Want to lose some weight and find a supportive community to keep you accountable? LONGEVITY program is for you. Simple movements and fun workouts will elevate your heart rate, burn fat, and tone your muscles. The best day to start is today, let's do this!


Fitness competitions are your goal: local, online, and qualifiers. You have big goals; we have the coaches, facility, and workouts. Expect to be challenged; mentally and physically. Have a desire to learn, practice, and train. You make the choice each day.

Group Classes


Month to Month options

Additional Options/Access

Weightlifting Membership - $135/month

Personal Training - We offer a variety of personal training programs that will fit your needs! Our personal training options are customizable and flexible to accompany your schedule. These personal training programs also allow our coaches to give you their full attention and focus on your goals!

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