Cardio HIIT

We offer these classes 3 days per week!

Happening 3X a day, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, our 1 hour sessions are each led by some of the most welcoming coaches around. You can start your day at 7:30am with a Cardio HIIT class and get your body's metabolism boosted and ready to attack the rest of your day! You will be encouraged and motivated to find that "sweet spot" where our body's heart rate spikes and stays high in order to burn more fat and calories, tone our physique, and help work towards our physical and mental goals.

What is HIIT?

In Cardio HIIT classes, our aim is to help our members create healthy habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. We are your biggest cheerleaders, and we are here to guide you through these high energy sessions! By creating a positive community and an energetic and lively atmosphere, you can get a great sweat going and enjoy a fun workout with friends. We are not here in this crazy world to simply exercise, but we exercise so that we may better enjoy the now in life.

How HIIT is benefitial!

With HITT you will maximize your explosive performance and abilities. Moving our body in a purposeful way will not only help our physical self, but it does wonders in relieving stress, increasing your self-confidence, and boosting your energy.

Other Benefits:
- Increases in VO2 max
- Improvement in insulin sensitivity
- Improves blood pressure
- Improves Cardiovascular function

Cardio HIIT Classes & Program

Price: $99/month (included in current CrossFit memberships)

Schedule: Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 60 minute classes

$89/month, includes SugarWOD access
$150 10 Class punch card (Cardio HIIT only)
$15 Single class drop-in

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