At Wolverine Strength and Conditioning our classes can help any individual of any skill level grow closer to their goals in our group sessions. Our workout programming includes three tracks:

  • Fitness
  • Longevity
  • Competitor

  • You will be guided to one of these tracks based on your goals or "why." Each group session will have various skill sets following each of these workout programs. Each day will have one or two workouts with variations to accommodate each track specifically.

    Fitness Track

    The methodology behind the fitness track is to improve your general physical fitness using various types of training. Clients following this track will use their body as a machine, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells. They will also do various moderate level gymnastics such as pull-ups, ring dips, push-ups, and core movements. Olympic weightlifting and power lifting is also involved. This track is commonly referred to as "Classic CrossFit."

    Longevity Track

    Our longevity track will cater to the client who wants to come in, move well, and have fun. They are not concerned with lifting a barbell. Most of your training with be focused on increasing your overall general fitness and conditioning. Longevity workouts still use forms of weight training with dumbbells and kettlebells. The longevity track includes less complicated movements for those who want to get started on their fitness journey of improving their health and wellness immediately. You'll see basic gymnastics movements such as plan holds, ring rows, and push-up options. Weight training of presses and pulls using kettlebells and dumbbells to tone the body while cardio exercises burn fat and improve fitness.


    Weightlifting program has a primary focus in building strength, speed, and control of yourself and external objects. Programming tracks include Olympic Weightlifting and Power Lifting. With our coaches you will learn and utilize proper technique to help you achieve your goals. Whether it's getting stronger, faster, more flexible, or increasing muscle tone, let our top of the line facility help you. Our program includes coaching and workouts for beginners through experienced lifters. Come check out our clean, organized facility outfitted with WERKSAN equipment. We have adequate space with 11 individual platforms squat racks and cages, along with various specialty bars.

    Crossfit Training Ann Arbor, MI