Longevity Track

The methodology behind Longevity Track is to practice CrossFit with safety as priority. This is executed by educating our athletes with the basics of technique. Those basics are then reinforced in class again and again until the movements are consistently performed to a high standard. Once that athlete displays a degree of ability they are encouraged to start making slow, sustainable gains over time. Each class is a chance to study and improve upon the craft of CrossFit.

Longevity Track is the corner stone of our programming for our daily workouts here at Wolverine Strength and Conditioning. All of our CrossFit classes are taught following this methodology.

Optional Track

Optional Track is an extension of Longevity Track. Any athlete who chooses to participate in the optional work will do so either before or after a CrossFit class. This may include some accessory work, skills or endurance training. Since this program does not have an official class, any athlete can ask an available coach any questions they may have.

Competitive Track

The methodology behind Competitive Track is to prepare our athletes for local competitions and The CrossFit Games Open. This is accomplished by increasing volume wisely throughout the year in three month blocks. Each block leads to an increase in strength gains and work capacity measured by benchmarks.

Competitive Track is done in addition to Longevity Track, completed before or after class.


Weightlifting program has a primary focus in building strength, speed, and control of yourself and external objects. Programming tracks include Olympic Weightlifting and Power Lifting. With our coaches you will learn and utilize proper technique to help you achieve your goals. Whether it's getting stronger, faster, more flexible, or increasing muscle tone, let our top of the line facility help you. Our program includes coaching and workouts for beginners through experienced lifters. Come check out our clean, organized facility outfitted with WERKSAN equipment. We have adequate space with 11 individual platforms squat racks and cages, along with various specialty bars.


Foundations teaches you the necessary skills to be successful in a CrossFit class. We are not looking for perfection in this course, just a great attitude and a mindset to always work on becoming better. CrossFit is full of complex movements and we do not want any person to feel left out or lost during a class. To accomplish all of this learning the Foundations program includes four sessions that are 60 minutes long.

  • The Small Group Foundations is limited to four people per session. Group foundations begins at 6:30pm Monday and goes through Thursday for 60 minutes each day. During these four classes you also have the opportunity to make some new friends since it is in a group setting. After that first week come to as many classes as you wish for the rest of the month. A new session begins every Monday, so if you miss a day in the first week just come back the next week.
  • Individual Foundations is as simple as it sounds. You work one-on-one with one of our coaches to accomplish the four 60 minute learning sessions. There is no specific time of day when these sessions need to be taken, we work with your schedule. We would like to see all four of these sessions finished within a two week period if possible.

First month membership is included with each of these options! Get started with Individual Foundations for only $349! Sign up for Group Foundations for only $259.

Personal Programming

Every athlete is different. What works for one athlete may not work for another. Occasionally this requires individualized programming. If you believe that you would benefit from some personal programming talk to one of our coaches to discuss your goals. We can then work together to develop a plan to get you, the athlete, to that goal in a reasonable amount of time.

See any of our staff members to schedule a private session.

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