At Wolverine Strength and Conditioning we encourage CrossFitters and Non-CrossFitters to come together and have fun and fellowship through fitness. We are open everyday of the year except December 25th!

Park WOD

During the summer, once a month we head to a local park and set up a fun obstacle course for athletes of all levels. This is open to members and non-members alike.

Special Events

Special Events

Throughout the year we hold different special events both in and outside of the gym. We as a community don't only workout together, we like to hang out together.

Game Night

Throughout the year we gather as a community to play games of all kind! From board and card games to lawn games nothing is off limits. We do provide a few games plus tables and chairs, but it is great to see what games you have as well. You bring your own refreshments and any friends! This is a phenomenal way to introduce a friend to the CrossFit community in a non-intimidating way, in addition to gathering with old and new friends.

Holiday Workouts

We are open every day of the year. On Holidays when most places are closed we have a big workout designed to integrate athletes of all levels. This means you can bring your visiting friends and family to your home gym!